Stayin' Safe with Gospel Duck - Music CD
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Stayin' Safe with Gospel Duck - Music CD

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Stayin' Safe is a MUST for your child's collection! God gave Len Mink a mandate to write and produce this CD to empower children everywhere and arm them with street smarts to protect themselves from kidnappers, predators, and the adversity that they face in this sometimes dangerous world. Through dialogue and song, children learn the power of saying NO. They learn to make the right decisions and stay safe through the name of Jesus.  No child is too young to grasp the principles in Stayin' Safe.

Songs include:  Stayin' Safe, One Of A Kind, No Is A Powerful Word, Three Hebrew Children, Heroes, The Predator, Feed Your Faith, Don't Play With Fire, Use Your Faith, I Will Trust In The Lord My God, Come Into My Heart and Stayin' Safe (Reprise).  Includes bonus track of Gospel Duck reciting the 91st Psalm, so kids can hear and memorize.  

REVIEW: "Through Stayin' Safe, my son proudly told me that he learned so many ways to protect himself and use the name of Jesus against all tricks and tools of the enemy. I have taught him about such things, but this CD really reinforced those lessons for him. He is even more full of the Word and wisdom!" -Judy, NY