Gospel Duck - The Original Adventure - Music CD
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Gospel Duck - The Original Adventure - Music CD

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The smash hit that started it all! Meet the adorable little character Gospel Duck, as he gives his life to Jesus with the children that lead him along the way. Thousands of children have been born again as they prayed the salvation prayer with Gospel Duck.

Songs include:  Dance Before The Lord, Little Person In Jesus, Child Of The King, Don't Be Afraid, Come On And Smile, God Is Good, Praise Medley and I Love To Be A Duck For Jesus.

REVIEW: "I work as a nurse in a children's psychiatric hospital. Seeing so many upset and hurting kids, I began to play Gospel Duck in the ward at night. All could hear it around the floor. It brought a peace and the love of Jesus filled the air. One after another, the children received Jesus and recovered quickly to the doctors' amazement."  -Irene, VA