Gospel Duck Goes to School - Music CD
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Gospel Duck Goes to School - Music CD

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Help your child overcome anxiety about starting school!  Gospel Duck starts his first day of school with his friends, and it's a hilarious adventure right from the start! Your children will learn to trust in Jesus and start school without fear or worry. Children learn the pledge to the flag, instilling love for God and country.

Songs include Today Is The First Day of School, We're Mrs. Haverty's Class, One Of A Kind/Heroes, Come Into My Heart, Duck-er-cise, You're Not To Blame, I Love Baseball, 2 x 2 and La La La.

REVIEWS: "My 3 boys listened to "Gospel Duck Goes To School" every year as school started all through elementary years. They sang all the way to school and were excited to jump out of the car as we arrived. What a blessing!" -Tom, OK

"My grandchildren are from a home broken by divorce. I did not realize they blamed themselves for the divorce until they asked for the song "You're Not To Blame" to be played over and over again.  It set them free!  -Julia, NY