Gospel Duck Bedtime/Anytime Stories - Music CD
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Gospel Duck Bedtime/Anytime Stories - Music CD

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Six faith-filled Bible stories for children to listen to as they go to sleep, or anytime. Told by Len Mink and Gospel Duck to encourage little hearts to be courageous and trust in the God who loves them so much.  Each with a song written by Len.

Songs and corresponding scriptures include:  Just Speak The Word (I Samuel 17), Keep On Trying (Luke 5:17-26), Leap Out (Mark 10:47-52), The Giving Song (John 6:5-13), Three Hebrew Children (Daniel 3) and Daniel's Song (Daniel 6).

REVIEW: "This CD is one of my family's absolute favorites! We play it in the car, at Grandma's, and always at bedtime. My kids love it and it presents these well-loved Bible stories in such a fun and Word-filled way."                -Wendy, MI